Facility Outline:

Okura Akademia Park Hotel

The Hotel Okura chain, one of the most popular hotel chains in Japan and known for its excellent level of customer service, operates the high quality Okura Akademia Park Hotel. With 124 rooms, 4 restaurants, and 9 banquet rooms, we are sure that you will have a comfortable stay while you are in Kazusa.

Banquet Halls

The Okura Akademia Park Hotel has one large, two medium, and several small banquet halls which can be used for cocktail parties, dinners, or for educational seminars.

Please refer to the chart below for the capacities of each room for different types of events.

  Area (m2 ) Cocktail (people) Dinner (people) School (people) Notes
Large Banquet Hall "Heian" 891 600 420 560 two partitions
Medium Banquet Hall "Ariake" 469 350 200 294 one partition
Medium Banquet Hall "Asuka" 295 200 120 144 one partition
Small Banquet Hall Aoi, Kiku, Sakura, Ume 51-60 30 10-20 --- one partition excluding Kiku
Azalea, Cattleya 69-79 30-40 30-40 30-42  

Room Capacity (3F-7F)

124 Rooms Total, 240 Person Capacity
*1m2 is equivalent to 10.76sq.ft.

Type Rooms Area (m2)*
Standard Double Room 23 28-30
Standard Twin Room 19 30
Superior Double Room 5 39
Superior Twin Room 44 39-41
Deluxe Twin Room 29 45
Suite Room 3 69-90
Royal Suite Room 1 120

Restaurants & Bars

Camellia (Western food)
60 seats
Toh · ka · lin (Chinese food)
75 seats
Yamazato (Japanese food)
68 seats
Sazanka (Japanese-style BBQ)
26 seats
Ciel Bleu (Lounge)
50 seats
Orchid Bat (Bar)
60 seats