Kazusa Akademia Park Co., Ltd. (KAP)

The Kazusa Akademia Park creation concept has reached new heights through the effective utilization of technologies, nature and human resources.

President's message

The slogan "From Messe to Kazusa" expresses the importance of this development project, one of the main projects under the Chiba Industrial Triangle Concept, in Chiba Prefecture.

Chiba Prefecture has made a tremendous effort to build a brand new science park around the Kazusa area, while developing a prominent base for scientific research and development at the world level.

Kazusa Akademia Park Co., Ltd. is a leading company founded to carry out the important tasks of assisting and facilitating this important project. The company has been essential to the developments in Kazusa and will continue to play an important role in the on-going project.

We are very pleased to offer our high quality facilities to engineers and researchers, and we hope to contribute to their scientific studies through the operation of Kazusa Arc. We will continue our partnership with the Chiba Prefectural government, as well as with the Kisarazu, Kimitsu, Sodegaura and Futtsu local governments to ensure the success of this continuous project.

Koujiro Hayashi - President Kazusa Akadema Park Co.,Ltd.

Rsearch Institues & Indutrial Cluster
in Kazusa Akademia Park

Research Institutes
■Kazusa DNA Research Institute
■NITE Biological Resources Center
■Kazusa Incubation Center
■Creation Core Kazusa

Industrial Cluster
■Mitsubishi Tanabe Parma Corporation
■Sato Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
■Kawamura Sangyo Co.,Ltd.Kazusa Plant
■Kodama Engineering Co.,Ltd.
■Koyo Densikiki Co.,Ltd.
■Nissin Seiki Co.,Ltd. Kazusa Laboratory
■Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd.Kazusa Akademia Plant
■Aureo Co.,Ltd.
■MANAC Incorporated
■Solar Silicon Technology Corporation
■Tokyo Kikai Seisakusyo,Ltd
■Kyowa Metal Works Co.,Ltd.
■San-ai Plant Co.ltd.
■Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.

Corporate Info

Company Name Kazusa Akademia Park Co., Ltd.
Address Kazusa-Kamatari 2-3-9, Kisarazu-City, Chiba-ken 292-0818, Japan
Date Est. September 18, 1991
Capital 1.5 million JPY
Facilities Land Scale 17.7 ha
Components Main hall and conference rooms
Fitness center
Utility service, others
Total floor space 56,000 square meters
Structure 8 floors and 2 basements
Main Activities
  1. Plan, promote and operate all kinds of conferences, seminars and events
  2. Hotel and sports club management
  3. Provide services for researchers in Kazusa Akademia Park
  4. Building and other utility maintenance, green keeping and other services
Share Holders

Hotel Okura Co.,Ltd, Nippon Television City Corpretion, Mother Farm Co.,Ltd, Green Core Co.,Ltd