The 7th

KAZUSA AKADEMIA MUSIC COMPETITION is held to find competitive pianists at the international level, with an expectation of challenges by a lot of young and talented musicians. At the same time, this attempt of us, infusing the spirit of music to KAZUSA AKADEMIA PARK, the world-proud technology center, is dedicated to our hometown, Kazusa, where people, nature, technology and culture play a harmonious melody.

• Appellation

• Section

• Period
Elimination Round
Sat. July 04, 2009
Semifinal Round
San. July 05, 2009
Final Round
San. July 19, 2009
Commendation Ceremony
Same day of the final round (San., July 19, 2009)

• Venue
2-3-9 Kazusakamatari, Kisarazu City, Chiba, Japan
Tel. 0438-20-5555

• Organized by

• Cooperated by
Foundation of Kimitsu Municipal Hall of Culture
Kazusa Chamber

• Supported by
Tsuchiya Cultural Foundation

• Produced by

• In cooperation with
Agency for Cultural Affairs, Chiba Prefectural Government, Kisarazu Municipal Government, Kimitsu Municipal Government, Futtsu Municipal Government, Sodegaura Municipal Government, Chiba Prefectural Board of Education, NHK Chiba Station, Yomiuri Shimbun Inc., Asahi Shimbun Inc., Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc., Tokyo Shimbun Inc., Mainichi Shimbun Inc., Sankei Shimbun Inc., Chiba Nippo Inc., Chiba Television Broadcasting Corp, bay-fm, Shin Chiba Shimbun Inc., Boso Jiji Shimbun Inc., Boso Shimbun Inc., FM Kisarazu, J-com Chiba Corp., Fainzu Corp., Kondo Gakki Corp. (expected)

• Managing Committee
  • Chairman
    The Governor of the Prefecture of Chiba

  • Vice-Chairman
    The Mayor of Kisarazu, Kimitsu, Futtsu and Sodegaura

  • Members
    SUDO Toshiyuki Chairman, Chiba Cultural Foundation
    OKODA Kazutomo Chairman, Chiba Conference of Art and Culture
    HATSUTANI Mikio Chairman, Kisarazu Municipal Board of Education
    MOTOYOSHI Sadao Chairman, KImitsu Municipal Board of Education
    WATANABE Takashi Chairman, Futtsu Municipal Board of Education
    KAWASHIMA Satoru Chairman, Sodegaura Municipal Board of Education
    HIRANO Kinji Chairman, Liaison Council of Kimitsu Local Cultural Association
    MIYOSHI Akira Composer, Member of Japan Academy of Art
    MOMOSE Takashi Music Critic, Chairman of Competition Jury
    AIHARA Shigeo President, Kazusa Academia Park Corp.
    AOKI Kazuyoshi Chairman, Meeting of Kazusa Ongaku no Mori
    SHIGETA Hidekazu Chairman, Kazusa Chamber of Youth

• Competition Jury

  • Director of Music
    MIYOSHI Akira Composer / Member of Japan Academy of Art

  • Chairman
    MOMOSE Takashi Music Critic / Lecturer of Nihon University

  • Members
    UEDA Katsumi Pianist / Academic Dean of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
    SAKO Akiyoshi Pianist / Professor of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music / Lecturer of Tokyo College of Music
    HARIMOTO Emiko Pianist / Professor of Tokyo College of Music, Executive Board (Mieko) Member of All Japan Teachers’ Association
    YASUI Koichi Pianist / Professor of Kunitachi College of Music
    YAMASHITA Kazuhumi Conductor / Conductor of the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra, Emeritus Conductor of the College Opera House Orchestra
    YAMADA Fujiko Pianist / Professor of Toho University of Music

• Eligibility
This competition is open to candidates of all nationalities those who were born during July 5 1978 – July 4 1994.

• Application Method
Fill in the application form and send it to the office of KAZUSA AKADEMIA MUSIC COMPETITION by a registered mail. Participation fee must be remitted to the bank account shown below.
Remittance account: Chiba Bank, Ltd. Kisarazu Branch
Ordinary Account No. 3177354
Kazusa Akademia Ongaku Konkuru Jikko Iinkai

• Application Deadline
Application form must be delivered at our office during April 15 - April 30, 2009

• Numerical Limit
Supposed number of contestants will be around 70. In the case of too many applicants, the 70 applicants who have earlier postmark will be accepted. (The results will be informed to the applicants until May 20, 2009)

• Participation Fee
30.000 yen should be remitted until April 30, 2009.
(The participation fee will not be refunded after April 30, 2009.)

• Address for Application
2-3-9 Kazusakamatari, Kisarazu City, Chiba, Japan, 〒292-0818
tel. (81)38-20-5555
http: //www.

• Prizes

The 1st place: Opportunity to perform with the Orchestra 300,000 yen for the supplementary prize
The 2nd place: Opportunity to perform with the Orchestra 200,000 yen for the supplementary prize
The 3rd place: Opportunity to perform with the Orchestra 100,000 yen for the supplementary prize
The special prize: The expense for study abroad worth 1,000,000 yen (The competition jury may decide no person is eligible for this prize)

• Announcement
The result will be announced in a notice board at KAZUSA AKADEMIA HALL. (The result of the elimination round can be informed by facsimile or e-mail at the contestants’ requests)

• Judgment
The competition jury shall conduct the judgment according to the judgment code of KAZUSA AKADEMIA MUSIC COMPETITION. The Executive Committee will decide the schedule and order of performance. All performances will be open to the public. The evaluation will be noticed after the final round only when a contestant requests.

• Copyright and Related Rights
Copyrights of all performances held by the contestants during the competition and related concerts including broadcasting, audiovisual recording, publishing rights and portrait rights etc. should belong to the KAZUSA AKADEMIA MUSIC COMPETITION Organizing Committee.

• Travel Expenses
The expense for transportation and accommodation of any contestants shall be borne by the contestants.

• Recital for Prizewinner
The prizewinners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will have the opportunity to have a recital.

Date: San. June 13, 2010
Place: Kimitsu Municipal Culture Hall (622 mino, Kimitsu, Chiba)
Conductor: YAMASHITA Kazufumi
Orchestra: New Philharmonic Orchestra Chiba

• Repertoire

  • Eliminatory Round

    Etude:Both (1) and (2) must be performed within a total time frame of 6 to 7 minutes.

    (1) Compulsory: Chopin
    Any piece shall be selected from Nos.10 or 25 (except Nos. 10-3, 10-6, 10-9, 25-7)

    (2) Free: One piece of etude shall be selected from those listed below.

  • Semifinal Round

    The performance should be about 15 minutes, not longer than 17 minutes.

    (1) J. S. Bach Any “Prelude” or “Fugue” from The Well-tempered Clavier ⅠandⅡ.
    (2) Free

  • Final Round:The performance should be about 35-40 minutes.

    Contestants must perform the works of classical and romantic school for semifinal and final round, however, the both pieces must not be performed at the same round.

    1. All performance shall be performed from memory.
    2. Contestants can decide the order of the performance.
    3. All pieces should be published. Pieces that include inside-the-piano-playing must not be selected.
    4. When a contestant plays Sonata, s/he can choose one movement of sonata.
    5. If a contestant plays for more than the regulated time frame, the competition jury might stop his/her play during the performance.
    6. The pieces performed at the elimination round, the semifinal round and the final round must be different.
    7. The order of the semifinal round will be informed after the elimination round.
    8. Contestants can change his/her repertoire only when he/she inform it in a written document to the office at least one month earlier than the competition.
    9. If a contestant withdraws from the competition, he/she must inform it to the office immediately.

• Prizewinner

  • The 1st Competition
    The 1st place TAKAHASHI Serika
    The 2nd place YOKOYAMA Ayumi
    The 3rd place SUEKI Hiromi
    The special prize TAKAHASHI Serika, YOKOYAMA Ayumi

  • The 2nd Competition
    The 1st place ITO Nobue
    The 2nd place WAKIOKA Yohei
    The 3rd place SAKANO Itoko
    The incentive prize IZUMI Yurino

  • The 3rd Competition
    The 1st place ARAI keish
    The 2nd place MAEDA katsunori
    The 3rd place KIMURA Fumiko

  • The 4rd Competition
    The 1st place KAWAMURA Fumio
    The 2nd place SATO Keina
    The 3rd place HUKUTOMI Ayako / SUZUKI Kenta

  • The 5rd Competition
    The 1st place  HIRAMATU Yuho
    The 2nd place MATSUO Takeru
    The 3rd place KATO Romi

  • The 6rd Competition
    The 1st place RUIKE Yui
    The 2nd place HUJITA Nao
    The 3rd place MISAKI Kiyomi

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